Preparing Your Child For Pre-School

Your little one is growing up so fast.  It just seems like yesterday that they were crawling around on the floor and now they are heading off to their first day of school.  When going off to pre-school it may not seem like a big deal to most, but to a child it can be a very scary experience.  Here are few tips and tricks for parents and kids looking to go to montessori pre-school buford ga.

Make it an adventure

When starting school it is an adventure in a way.  Exploring new lands, gaining new experiences and more.  When sending your child off to school making it a game or an adventure will take away the fear.  You can tell them that they need to complete an assignment such as taking crayons and drawing you a picture or perhaps telling you about their teacher.

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Dress them for success

When going to school getting them something cool to wear will help build confidence.  When embarking on a new adventure if your children feel that they have a say in the experience then it will be an enjoyable one.  Take them to the store and let them pick out their own outfit, shoes and even school accessories.  Picking a yellow notebook off the shelf may seem dull to you, but for your child it is a decision they made and as such gives them a sense of power.

School is a great place for learning.  When our children begin their adventures into this new chapter of life doing everything that we can as parents to make the experience an enjoyable one will only foster their desire to go back and learn.  If we fail to make it fun they will lose interest.  So, let the adventure begin.