Things You Could Do With Old Tennis Balls

Well, yes, you are quite right. You could play with them. You have a young dog in the yard. So, there you go, you could keep him amused for a while. He needs his exercise. And of course, so do you. Of course, you already knew that. Otherwise why would you be spending time over the weekend down at the club playing a round of tennis? But be careful of overdoing it. You would not want to catch a bout of tennis elbow, now would you.

Not only would you not be playing tennis for a while, you might not even be able to play catch with your dog or kids. Should any of you out there be in pain right now, by all means, go right ahead and cut up all your balls. But don’t be doing it out of sheer frustration. Do it for practical reasons. And then again, with that much pain in your elbows right now, you’re useless in the workshop right now. Time to go shopping.

And you can do it right now, right here, on the internet. Here is where you’ll buy your pre-cut tennis balls for a song, but no dancing. So, what are you supposed to do with cut up tennis balls then? The dog might like the idea but the kids have no use in this for their game of catch. So, you’ve got small kids, right? Or maybe you’ve got young adults in the house still behaving like small kids. Doing things they’re not supposed to do.

pre-cut tennis balls

Like instead of lifting the chair, they’ve got to drag it all across the floor that you’ve just had polished and done. That’s what you do. You put these cuts on the feet of your poor chairs.