Influences affect life

Congresoinfanciaenriesgo –┬áCommunication is something that is very important in our daily life, not just words or sentences, behind the word or sentence it must have a meaning that is related to what we are talking about, or it can also be said to move on to the topic of conversation to refer the. This communication is usually related to talking to individuals or private conversations and also talking to the public sphere, for example with the wider community, to convey information to the recipient.

Simply put, an influencer is someone who can make an impact in society. These can be celebrities, bloggers, YouTubers or public figures who are considered important in certain communities.

In general, an influencer has millions of followers (followers) on social media. However, this is not always the case. Someone with thousands of followers can also be called an influencer if they have a major influence on the audience. Yes, as the name implies, influence is the power of an influencer. It can be both small and large scale. That is why many business owners work with influencers to promote products thanks to this extraordinary influence. . This is what has become known as influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is a marketing strategy in which a company invites an influencer to work together to increase brand awareness and sales according to a specific target market.

On this occasion, I will share some opinions on the influence of influencers on life. People in this digital age are using the internet as a means of exchanging information and communication. It seems that the internet has become a basic necessity for every society today. The rapid development of the times makes business competition very fierce. It requires businesses to innovate in formulating marketing strategies.

Every company competes to market their products so that the products can be recognized by the public, and one way to market is to use an influence strategy. Social media influences the promotion of product brands so that it is unique in attracting consumers’ hearts. It has become the identity of the underwriter who is the reference for social media influencers for consumers.

And the first general purpose of an influencer is to let you know. To help the audience get information they do not have. The second common purpose of influencers is to persuade. When an influencer is convinced, the speaker will try to get the audience to accept his point of view or ask him to adopt his feelings and behavior. The third common purpose of influencers is to entertain. Informative and compelling advertising content is focused on the end result of the advertising process, while entertainment focuses on the opportunity to grab the audience’s attention with the appearance of conveying the advertising message.

For example, for things that are still being discussed, namely an influencer who is raising funds for the needs to solve this problem over COVID-19. They came together to influence people who wanted to donate some money for this disaster.

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