Before heading out to the golf course for a day of golfing fun, make sure you’re prepared for things. Nothing puts a damper on the day quicker than arriving unprepared. While most Palm Springs golf courses have shops that sell many items you’ll need to play the game, this can be expensive or cause your shot to be off because you’re not accustomed with the newbies you’ve bought. Forego those worries and make sure you’re prepared for a day on the greens.

Items that you’ll need to enjoy a day on the golf course:

·    Clubs: Golf clubs are the most important item to take with you to the golf course. Without a good set of clubs, you won’t get a lot of golfing in during the day.

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·    Tees: Golf tees are another important item that you should bring along with you to the course. Tees are sold in most pro shops at the golf course, but again, it’s easier to bring them with.

·    Balls: There is nothing quite like a good set of golf balls when you’re serious about your game. Don’t leave home for the golf course without your balls in the caddie ready to go.

·    Golf Bag: Carrying around all the equipment needed for a game of golf is not easy. That’s why you need a golf bag and a caddie to help you out. Both items help show your love for the sport as well as your personal style, since many options are available.

Don’t miss out on the fun awaiting you at the golf course simply because you were unprepared. Make sure the items above are in tow when you head out to the golf course and you’re ready to let the games begin!