The Razer Smartphone Case Is Designed To Keep Your Device Cool

Congresoinfanciaenriesgo –┬áBehind the secrets of Arctech’s capabilities is a special coating material called Thermaphene, designed by Razer in-house. Razer says this thermaphene is a conductive material; able to absorb the heat coming from inside the smartphone until it finally dissipates it, by means of an outer layer which is provided with small holes.

Based on Razer’s internal testing, it is claimed that Arctech can keep equipment temperatures up to 6 ┬░ Celsius lower than in other cases. When tested for 2 hours, Arctech was able to keep the phone temperature below the maximum recommended by the manufacturer, while the opponent’s case failed in just 20 minutes. The Arctech structure itself consists of three layers: a perforated layer of polycarbonate / thermoplastic elastomer on the outside, a layer of Thermaphene in the middle (also used to prevent dust from entering) and a layer of soft microfiber that adheres directly to the device and protects it from scratch.

Razer Arctech will be offered in two variants, Slim and Pro, which are compatible with Qi wireless chargers. This Pro variant wraps the walls in shock absorbers and is claimed to be impact resistant even when falling from a height of 3 meters. Prices range from $ 30 for the Arctech Slim and $ 40 for the Arctech Pro. Today we have received several cases of Razer Arctech smartphones focused on the iPhone and we are dismantling them. Outwardly, they are surprisingly tame for a product aimed at “players” – probably because they have to bridge the gap between a visually loud player with LED blasting and the much more reserved public of the iPhone user.

According to Razer, the primary point of sale here is “a lightweight and ventilated design lined with a top-of-the-line Thermaphene Performance layer.” Razer suggests that all three layers of the case work together to protect the phone inside and keep it cool. The difference between the Slim and the Pro is the look (of course), the slim profile and the “certified fall protection 10 feet / 30 miles.” Pro has better fall protection, Slim is slimmer.

Above and below you will see inside the Razer Arctech Thin and Razer Arctech Pro. They have clearly paved the way for the iPhone 11 Pro’s wireless charging coil – and several layers of conductive material are in place. They’re not done here.

This time, the Razer Phone is blended with the latest set of Razer Arctech smartphone cases for the iPhone 11 Pro. They are technically available for the iPhone 11 Pro, Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone X, XS, XS Max, XR and Razer Phone 2. But look at how these things were made and see why they were actually made in the first place.

We haven’t seen the Razer Phone 2 case in person yet, but there’s no really good reason to believe that it’s particularly different from the iPhone cases we see here. Due to our limited use of Razer Arctech Thin, Thermaphene’s cooling capabilities may appear to be working significantly. We’ll have to do more tests to get you the exact numbers – but they actually work. It’s no magic – and it’s not that the iPhone 11 Pro gets particularly hot – but the technology is real.